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    In Russia, the need to earn 2000 euros to live a normal life.
    You know I thought about you I realize every day that I have feelings for you, I really
    nice to chat with you, you’re very interesting, you make me so easy. I’m just afraid only
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    to share with you now what’s in my heart, in my soul , in my head , you’re the only one. I think about you, I really
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    and I will be very bad. My love for you the most powerful and like no other.
    I was even afraid to give a confession about her, those words and sentences that
    anyone ever used to me. I’m afraid to scare you, afraid to laugh, disappoint,
    speaking about his love. But I’m more afraid that you’ll never know about it. And so I decided to make a confession.
    Even when we’re not together, I always feel your presence in my life. Yes, it’s not blind passion. Love is when
    eager to share and to give. I’m ready to share with you For additional local Limo Service in CT visit ctairlink.
    all and the first thing I give you is my love. I imagine you next to me when taking any decision, be it choice
    tea in the supermarket or movie for evening viewing. I’m trying to predict whether you like my choice or will cause boredom,
    and maybe even resentment. I want to know all your thoughts on a particular subject, and it seems to me that I could For additional local NYC Airport Car Service visit nycairportslimo.
    to please you every minute if you let me be there with you. I hope that you have such feelings for me,
    I’m very excited and I hope soon to receive your letter. your with love Alla”
    And i cached her on this later.
    ”Good day beloved I am madly waiting for your soon letter, how are you doing?
    Favorite with every your letter, I want to live more, you give me your love,
    I can feel it, my heart belongs to you. I can’t wait to hug you,
    to be close to you, to give you all my love and all of myself and know that I belong
    you hope that you just want it to soon be together. My love today I was
    in the travel Agency and talked about the trip to you, me, all is well explained that will
    need to come to you, what documents to collect, will need to make a visa, passport,
    insurance, as i will need to pay for all this, I was told everything would cost 380 dollars
    I thought I can take credit for a trip to you, I was sure that I
    give, but I was told that I go abroad and I was denied the loan. I was very upset
    I was so sure that everything will be fine, I want to be with you, I don’t know , but
    my heart says you’re my other half and I’ll be happy. I hope your
    heart also tells you about it. Now I don’t know what to do, I want to start to do documents
    but where will I get this amount I’m not comfortable to ask you for help, but I really want to come
    to you.I can make the visa for 3 months.I’ll wait for your soon letter. Yours with love forever Alla”

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